• Using Sculpture for Underwater Habitat Creation

    Using Sculpture for Underwater Habitat Creation

      “Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures are bittersweet, submerging vulnerable human forms in barren, shallow seas. Taylor has worked with scientists to craft his art with materials that promote coral growth. In time, these artistic warnings will becom...
  • Urban Jungle

    Urban Jungle

    Singapore is a giant in the corporate and financial sectors. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also a haven for nature. -  David Emmett The rainforest was quiet except for the sound of moisture dripping from trees, and calls of frogs and insects. My torchlight illuminated a s...
  • Recipes for Development

    Recipes for Development

    Robert Oliver is a New Zealand chef, author and television presenter. He wrote the award-winning cookbook Me’a Kai: The Food and Flavours of the South Pacific (Random House, New Zealand), with Dr. Tracy Berno and Fiji photographer Shiri Ram. The book was written wit...
  • The Business of Music

    The Business of Music

    It can be argued that the greatest exportable commodity that the Caribbean has to offer is to be found within our culture and creativity. From a musical perspective, we have always done a great job in the creation and performance of the art form. However, we hav...

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